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I am currently completing my undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering? at the University Of Waterloo. This might be old news soon, as I expect to be graduating in May 2005.

Want my opinion of the University Of Waterloo? Your mileage may vary. It depends on how I feel on the day I give you my opinion. To stay on the safe side, I refrain from giving my opinion until after I have my degree in my hands (roughly, June 2005).


Missing You (?)

In October of 2000, during my first term at the University Of Waterloo, I occasionally missed it. Which scares me, because I can't imagine missing it now. Maybe in a few years I will again. As written on my blog...

I'm at McMaster? right now. My cousins go there. It's an interesting university, but it's almost nothing compared to Waterloo, which is, indeed, the best place in the world. :)

I kinda miss Waterloo right now. Isn't that scary?

and later that day, I wrote:

I already miss Waterloo.

I don't think I ever missed Waterloo since then.



(included from University Of Waterloo: Convocated)

On June 18th, 2005, I convocated from the University Of Waterloo.

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