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Some aimless documentation of my adventures in Sushi restaurants.


Daiwa Sushi

(included from Sushi Adventures: Daiwa Sushi)

Oh so good. Oh so incredibly good. Daiwa Sushi is the absolute best sushi I've had. Ever. If you're in Tokyo, be sure to go.

Daiwa Sushi is truly an experience. Visit the Tsukiji Fish Market in the morning. Then get to Daiwa Sushi early. There's normally a lengthy line up that gets longer and longer as the morning goes on. The restaurant closes at 1 PM as well, so be sure to arrive early. The hour-long line up weaves back and forth in front of the restaurant. Both a posted sign and a yelling waitress remind you not to block the entrances to neighbouring restaurants, or to get runover by three-wheel trolleys carting fish to and from the fish market through the roadway behind you. After surviving the queue hopefully you'll be ushered into the restaurant, and seated at one of two eight-seat sushi bars in front of four sushi chefs.

Don't worry. There's only one standard set meal to order. It's amazing sushi, especially for the price. The fish is unbelievably fresh, masterfully prepared, with a perfect balance of flavours and textures. The meal is presented to you two beautifully constrated pieces at a time -- mere seconds after you finish the previous pieces. The day we went, our seletion included one each of sake, maguro, amaebi, ika, ikura, unagi, tamago, and uni.

Name: Daiwa Sushi
Location: Chuo Ku, Tsukiji, 5-2-1, Tokyo
Price: 3150 standard omakase course - 7 nigiri sushi, 1 roll & miso soup

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