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What is the purpose of the Ardant Wiki?

I like to write. But I write crappily, and nobody pays attention. So I figured if I'd write in The Virtual World, people would only pay attention if they want to. Escaping my horrible rhetoric or stories or bland characterizations or dull life story is only a couple mouse clicks away (and if all else fails, the power button will save you).

Consciously, I write for my "audience", although oddly I'm still happy even if I know nobody is reading. That's likely because subconsciously, I'm writing for myself, just in case that in a fit of old age senility I forget my life story. Well, probably not.

Isn't this voyeurism? Aren't you inviting people to live their lives vicariously through this Wiki? Not really. You'll find that although on the odd chance I have something entertaining to say, this Wiki is mostly just an interconnecting, an intermingling of various events.

And besides, living people's lives vicariously is normally accomplished by reading their blog.

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