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The Ardant Wiki is Ardant's Wiki.

It's the best place for Ardant to record his Rambling Thoughts. It represents how Ardant thinks and the way associations form in his mind. Ardant has this tendency to half-complete projects. He often starts something but never quite finishes. Sometimes starting to write something, but never fully exploring what he can do with his idea. In this way, many of the blog posts on his Real Home Page get truncated, or worse, never posted at all.

Hopefully the Ardant Wiki will provide a nice place for Ardant to incrementally tap out his thoughts and his feelings. Where as blogging to him is more of a journal, a chronicle of events in his life, the Ardant Wiki, he hopes, will be more of a web of knowledge, information, thoughts, and just good fun.

The Ardant Wiki also provides a nice way for you to give feedback. Follow the Comments link at the footer and header of each page (or within a page itself). This Comments page is globally editable! Ardant expects you, however, to follow SenseisLibrary:WikiEtiquette when using the Comments page.

The Ardant Wiki technically has no purpose; but should it develop one, it will be outlined as an Ardant Wiki Purpose.


How To Read This Wiki

(included from Ardant Wiki: How To Read This Wiki)

This wiki is much inspired by wikipedia. Reading it is very much similar to reading, say, wikipedia. You start anywhere you like, and you read. And when you see a nice colourful link, click on it to read something else.

This wiki gets updated often, in random place on random pages. Be sure to check back often. You never know what gets updated next!


This Wiki Software

(included from Ardant Wiki: Software)

This [Wiki] is running on software originally derived from UseMod:UseModWiki.

A lot of changes have gone into the Ardant Wiki: Software! Notably...

  • Support for #INCLUDINGing other pages.
  • Pretty-formatting code to format wiki-words.
  • Invisi-Redirect instead of ugly 301 redirects
  • Integration with IDS, gallery software on
  • Google Adsense Support
  • Google Maps Support


There are Actions that can take place on the Ardant Wiki.

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